coaxial cable light arrester-how can device avoid from lightning attack?


     Radio frequency light arrester-how can device avoid from lightning attack


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Why is the lightning arrester so important?

Now we are talking about lightning, lightning can destroy out the Electronic device like, television, cell tower antenna, so install coaxial lightning arrester is very important.



But how do we know where should install the coaxial lightning arrester, now you will get it:



How can we choose coaxial lightning arrester?


The type of rf lightning arrester with gas tube lightning arrester, 1/4(quarter wave)lightning arrester



The interface type of rf lightning arrester with:DIN coaxial lightning arrester, N coaxial lightning arrester, SMA coaxial lightning arrester, BNC coaxial lightning arrester, UHF coaxial lightning arrester, F type coaxial lightning arrester



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