Main Features of Tape






Initial adhesion: 


Describe the performance of the adhesive first contact with the surface。

In the smallest pressure and the shortest contact time to take effect。

Irrelevant to the adhesive force which is generated after pressure

Strong initial adhesion can support adhesion to rough surfaces


Test Method: ball rolling test method (initial viscosity)





Bonding force: 


Describe the attractiveness of the adhesive and the object surface.

It is a very important performance of tape.

Applying pressure to the bonding surface creates the bonding force.

Usually increase by 15% to 150% within the first day.

Depond on the glue, pasted object, pressure, time and environmental conditions。


         Test Method: Adhesion:

         Type the text hereTest Conditions:

-               Substrate:  steel

                Tape width:  20mm

                Roll down:  4kg, 10m/min, 5 back&forth

                Reinforcement:  25 um PET film

                Dwell time:  immediately

                       Peel speed:  300 mm/min

                       Measurement condition: 23±1℃,50±5% Rel. Humidity

                       Measurement unit: N/CM








Describe the internal strength of the adhesive

Mainly determines the retention force in the application

If external forces act parallel to the bonding surface, this application is related to cohesion

Test Method: Retention

Test Conditions:

Material:  steel plate for shear test

Bonding area:  25mm x 25mm

Presure:  625N, 5s

Dwell time:  <30min/24hrs at RT

Velocity: 50 mm/min

Temperature: 23±1℃,50±5% Rel. Humidity

Measurement unit: N/CM2




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