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        Cold Shrink Tube For Telecom


        Cold shrink tube is a fast and easy way to weatherproof a connection.

        Simply position the pre-expanded tubing over the connection that you are protecting and pull the rip cord.

        The tubing compresses to form a weatherproof seal. It is widely used in the wireless cell sites.


        Here are some tips for you to choose the right size cold shrink tubes for your application.




        ----A parameter is the length before shrink. When the tube shrink, the length always become longer. So C parameter is always bigger than A.


        ----B parameter is the ID before shrink. You have to make sure it big enough to easily slip over the product which you want to seal.


        ----C parameter is the length after shrink.  You have to make sure it long enough to cover the product which you want to seal.


        ----D parameter is the ID after shrink. You have to make sure it small enough to seal the smallest part of the product which you want to seal. B/D is call shrink ratio.



        In HDG TELECOM(www.chinahdg.com), the item number of cold shrink tube is always be: PCS+B+C, or SPCS+B+C. 


        PCS means EPDM cold shrink tube, and SPCS stands for silicone cold shrink tube.


        For example, PCS45x203, means EPDM cold shrink tube with 45mm ID before shrink & 203mm length after full shrink.



        For example, SPCS53x254, means Silicone cold shrink tube with 53mm ID befire shrink & 254mm length after full shrink.

        Applications :

        The main application is the sealing of coax connectors used in the wireless communication antenna market.
        These mainly outside installed connectors require an extra sealing. Up until now, sealing tapes or Heat Shrink tubes were used.


        Technical Information :

        The outer cold shrink tube is made from UV resistant EPDM / Silicone rubber material to provide and excellent seal on the connector.

        In cases where the different coax cable diameter can not be covered with the tube application range,

        a special foam is used to increase the smallest cable diameter to fit the shrink performance of the cold shrink tube.

        1. No (heating) tools needed
        2. Safer and quicker installation.
        3. Reliable sealing.
        4. Easy to remove
        5. Wide cable range.


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