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        • name: Splicing Grips (Snake Grip) with Swivel Link
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        Splicing Grips (Snake Grip) with Swivel Link


        Splicing Grips (Snake Grip) with Swivel Link are used for changing wire rope on oil derricks, large cranes, overhead cranes and drag lines.

        It provides a quick, safe, inexpensive temporary splice. By installing the used wire rope in one end and the new rope in the other,

        the new wire rope can be pulled in as the old one is pulled out.


        The Snake Grip expands or contracts to grip different or identical cable and/or rope sizes as per the customer's needs.

        Save time stringing up, changing and unstringing because the snake requires no special tools,

        the swivel and swing link go smoothly through blocks and prevent line twisting .

        Install new cable by using old existing cable as pulling line .

        Always seize the ends of the grips by banding or taping



        Material: stainless steel and galvanized steel is available, size can be according customer's need.






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