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        • name: Framework Grounding Kit for 3/8" Coaxial Cable
        • 产品编号: 007GK-FW38
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            Framework  type grounding kit is compact design for outdoor coaxial cables’s (corrugated or braid) grounding. With Tinned copper strip & butyl seal, framework type grounding kit offers Quick installation, good waterproofing & cost efficiency.


        Components & material of framework grounding kit:


        ◆ Inner contact: Tin plated copper braid strap.
        ◆ Grounding clamp: 304 stainless steel + EPDM rubber plated to ensure waterproofing.
        ◆ Seal strip: each side has seal strip to ensure water proofing.
        ◆ Grounding / earthing cable:16mm2 or 25mm2 BV or BVR copper wire for earthing to buss bar.
        ◆ Copper lugs: 16-8, 25-8 tin plated copper lugs to connect to grounding bar.
        ◆ Installation accessories: Inner hex bolts for soon installation.


        Item No.


        Description Item No. Specification.
        Framework grounding kit GROUND-FW14 Framework grounding kit for 1/4" coaxial cable
        GROUND-FW38 Framework grounding kit for 3/8" coaxial cable
        GROUND-FW12 Framework grounding kit for 1/2" coaxial cable
        GROUND-FW78 Framework grounding kit for 7/8" coaxial cable
        GROUND-FW114 Framework grounding kit for 1-1/4" coaxial cable
        GROUND-FW158 Framework grounding kit for 1-5/8" coaxial cable
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