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        • name: The same sizes of EPDM and silicone rubbers with 3M cold shrink tube
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        The same sizes of  EPDM and silicone rubbers with 3M cold shrink tube


        PCS Series EPDM Cold Shrink Tubes are a series of open-ended,tubular rubber sleeves, which are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable core.

        They are supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition.

        The core is removed after the tube has been positioned for installation over an in-line connection, terminal lug, etc.,

        allowing the tube to shrink and form a waterproof seal.

        The insulating tube is made of EPDM rubber, which contains no chlorides or sulphurs.



        1. Simple installation, requires noly workman's hands
        2. Accommodates a wide range of cable sizes.
        3. No torches or heat required.
        4. Good thermal stability.
        5. Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after     prolonged years of ageing and exposure.
        6. Excellent wet electrical properties.
        7. Improved tough rubber formulation to withstand rough backfilling.
        8. Waterproof.
        9. Resist fungus.
        10. Resists acids and alkalis.
        11. Resists ozone and ultravilet light.


        Dimension :

                                           The same size with 3M cold shrink tube




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