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        • name: cold shrink tube for base station
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        Cold shrink tube for base station

        The CSA series cold shrink tube offer a safe, easy way to reliably seal connections on coaxial cables.

        It is ideal for wireless communication towers and other exposed coaxial interfaces.


        Each kit includes a cold shrink EPDM rubber sleeve which is factory-expanded and placed on a removable plastic core.

        Simply prepare the connection, position the tube and unwind the pre-scored core.

        The natural tendency of the rubber sleeve to return to its original diameter provides contant radial pressure, forming a reliable, water-resistant seal.

        All without heat, special tools or a time-consuming installation procedure.

        And it's easily removed when system maintenance is requried.

        Our CSA series cold shrink tube, is equivalent to 3M CXS series cold shrink sealing kit (EPDM rubber splices for coaxial cable connections).


        3M Item No. HDG Item No. Product Description.
        CXS-1 CSA-1 1/4"-7/8" cable to 1/4"-7/8" cable
        CXS-2 CSA-2

        1/4"-1 5/8" cable to 1 1/4"- 1 5/8" cable, 1 1/4"-1 5/8" cable to antenna or surge arrester

        CXS-3 CSA-3 1/4"-2 1/4" cable to 1 1/4" - 2 1/4" cable, 1 1/4"-2 1/4" cable to antenna or surge arrester
        CXS-4 CSA-4 1/4" - 7/8" cable to antenna or surge arrster

         And equal to Andrew cold shrink kit




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