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        • name: Rubber mastic tape,Self-fusing rubber based compound bonded to a moisture sealing mastic,equate 3M 2228
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        Rubber mastic tape,Self-fusing rubber based compound bonded to a moisture sealing mastic, equate 3M 2228


        Rubber mastic tpae is a conformable self–fusing rubber electrical insulating and sealing tape. Scotch 2228 consists of an ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) backing coated with an aggressive, temperature–stable mastic adhesive. The tape is made 65 mils (1,65 mm) thick for quick application build–up. It is designed for electrical insulating and moisture sealing applications. Scotch 2228 can be used on copper or aluminum conductors rated at 90°C, with an emergency overload rating of 130°C. It offers excellent resistance to moisture and ultraviolet exposure and is intended for both indoor and weather exposed outdoor applications.


        Tape Features:

        * Conformable for application over irregular surfaces

        * Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations

        * Self–fusing tape

        * Flexible over wide temperature range

        * Excellent weather and moisture resistance

        * Excellent adhesion and sealing characteristics with copper, aluminum and power cable jacket materials.

        * Thick construction allows quick application build–up and padding over irregular connections

        Main purpose:

        - communication equipment base station, antenna, peep line and other joints waterproof, insulation and protection.

        - the end of the communication cable and connector waterproof, sealing.

        - for the city distribution network for re-election, connections, branch line clip to waterproof, sealing, insulation insulated overhead line.

        Cable joints - submersible motor, the joint of buried cable of city street.

        - suitable for the restoration of the main insulation of 1000 volts and below.

        - 1000 volts and below the insulation of the motor leads.

        - outdoor operation, with the use of PVC tape, can provide reliable insulation and waterproof sealing and excellent UV protection.

        - excellent weather resistance and waterproof sealing performance and cables with various compatibility good, with excellent shop insulation, high adhesion, airtight, waterproof, resistance to high and low temperature, resistance to chemical corrosion, anti UV properties, the normal working temperature of 90 DEG C, the emergency overload temperature 130 degrees C.








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