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        • Name: Cold Shrink Tube For 4.3/10 or DIN-716 Connector On 1/2" jumper cable
        • Item No.: 009WK-CS0002
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        CST-KC8, Cold shrink tube for 4.3/10 or DIN-716 connector for 1/2" jumper cable to antenna or rru.


        Cold shrink tubing is a fast and easy way to weatherproof the coax connection for wireless cell tower antenna and Remote Radio Unit (RRU). 

        Simply position the pre-expanded tubing over the connection that you are protecting and pull the rip cord. The tubing compresses to form a weatherproof seal.


        antenna and RRU cold shrink tubing


        Item No. CST-KC8 cold shrink tube, made of silicone rubber, it is designed to quickly seal the 4.3/10 Mini DIN connector or DIN 7/16 connector, which are widely used on panel antenna or RRU interface for cell site infrastructure building. 

        The CST-KC8 can also be used to seal the DC power connection on Remote Radio Unit (RRU). Its applications is showed as followed:


          Antenna Interface.   RRU interface.
         1/2" jumper cable with DIN 7/16 connector  1/2" jumper cable with DIN 7/16 connector
         1/2" jumper cable with 4.3/10 connector  1/2" jumper cable with 4.3/10 connector
           DC power connection.




        1. The installation don't need heat, don't need tools.

        2. Can be quickly installed, even at the crowded MIMO antenna and RRU with narrow installation space.

        3. Reliable and stable waterproofing performance with IP68 grade.

        4. The installation quality is uniform and less installer-dependant.

        5. The regular color is black, can be made to grey or other customized colors.


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