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  • name: Lace-up hoisting grip
  • · Item No.: HDG-L
  • · Size/Spec: For 1/4,3/8,1/2,7/8,1-1/4,1-5/8 cable.
  • · Function: hoisting; pulling;


Lace-up hoisting grip


Lace-up hoisting grips provide an effective means for hoisting coax and elliptical waveguide into position and can be utilized to provide additional support once in place.

The lace-up design allows the hoisting grip to be attached even when the run has been connectorized and facilitates easy positioning at 200 (61m) increments on long coax runs.


Characteristic :

Application :  coax support

Size  :   3/8" to 2-1/4"

Feature :  Lace up at any point on coax

Design :  Open mesh with single eye support

Material :  Stainless steel or Tinned bronze

Include :  Mesh Grip, lacing wire


Product code :

HG38-L          Lace-up hoisting grip for 3/8" coax or LMR400 coax

HG12-L          Lace-up hoisting grip for 1/2" coax or LMR600 coax

HG58-L          Lace-up hoisting grip for 5/8" coax or LMR900 coax

HG78-L          Lace-up hoisting grip for 7/8" coax or LMR1200 coax

HG114-L        Lace-up hoisting grip for 1-1/4" coax or LMR1700 coax

HG158-L       Lace-up hoisting grip for 1-5/8" coax or LMR1700 coax

HG214-L        Lace-up hoisting grip for 2-1/4" coax or LMR1700 coax


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