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  • name: Scotchfil Electrical Grade Putty Tabe
  • · Item No.: WT-RT-FIL
  • · Size/Spec: detail as below
  • · Function: insulation and moisture sealing

Insulation Filler Tape is a self-amalgamating butyl rubber tape used on solid dielectric low voltage cable for electrical insulation and filling in around irregular shaped connectors. The tape comes with a separator that is removed during the taping process. Its 3.175mm thickness and quick amalgamation facilitates a rapid, void free insulation, build-up that is electrically stable and moisture proof. The tape conforms easily using just finger pressure. Once applied WT-RT-FIL should be overwrapped with PVC tape or WT-RT-23 high voltage rubber tape.


  Scotchfil tabe  
  Applications Sealing
  Backing Material Electrical Insulation Putty
  Color Black
  Size 38 mm x3.175mm x1.5 m
  Tape Width (metric) 38 mm
  Backing Thickness (metric) 3.175 mm
  Length 1.5 m
  Product Type Mastic tape
  Material Electrical Grade Putty
  Voltage Application Low Voltage
  Operating Temperature (Celsius) 0 to 80 Degree Celsius
  Dielectric Strength 22.6 kV/mm
  Elongation 1000 Percent
  Insulated Yes
  Shelf Life 5 Year
  Vulcanizing No
  Tape Type Sealing and Insulating Mastic
  Function insulation and moisture sealing
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